That's me back in 1969. Same year when my car looked as fresh as me.
May 1996, Airport Frankfurt. Leaving germany for a life in the USA.
June 1996, got the car that was going to become famous.
December 7th, 1998. Got married to my lovely wife Gunda.
July 9th, 2003. My beautiful daugther Anna was born
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1969 On march 26, born in Cologne / Germany.
1984 Getting in touch with the Commodore C64.
1986 I made my first music on the C64.
1989 First music for a commercial game, Tower of Terror on the C64.
1991 Foundation of SOUND concepts Media production.
1994 Music and Sound-FX for FedCon II Video by Tobias Richter / The Light Works. Presentation at FedCon II in Munich / Germany.
1994 In august I made music and Sound-FX for a German television series on RTL called "Balko".
1995 Music and Sound-FX for FedCon III Video by Tobias Richter / The Light Works. Presentation at FedCon III in Munich / Germany.
1995 In July I made Sound-FX for ACR Lasertechnik's "3D Motionride". The computer animations where done by Tobias Richter.
1995 In September I made a computer animated Video for a Techno-Maxi-CD "Wavemaker" by Aqualite. The video was broadcasted on MTV and VIVA.
1996 Music and Sound-FX for FedCon IV Video from Tobias Richter / The Light Works. Presentation at FedCon IV in Bonn / Germany.
1996 On Mai 19, I moved to San Rafael / California nearby San Francisco.
1996 Publishing of the first version of my homepage.
1997 Complete Audio-Mastering of SAT1 movie " Raumschiff Highlander III".
1997 My homepage moves to
1998 Sound- FX for " Ruamschiff Highlander IV". Broadcasted by German television SAT1.
1998 December 7th. Got married to my lovely wife Gunda.
1998 Rogue Squadron for the Nintendo 64 and PC is finished in November.
1999 Work is started on MusyX for Nintendo's Next Generation platforms GameBoy Advance and Nintendo Gamecube.
2000 Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for the Nintendo 64 is finished.
2000 Battle for Naboo for the Nintendo 64 is finished in December.
2001 Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader for the Nintendo GameCube is shown at E3 in LA.
2001 At November 18th, Star Wars Rogue Leader hits the shelves of fine retailer stores all over the USA.
2002 In September, my remix of the former Elvis hit "A Little Less Conversation" is published on various CD samplers around the world. Including the popular "Voll Bingo" compilation series. My remix was on volume 8, together with top acts like Las Ketchup & Britney Spears.
2003 July 9th, my beautiful daughter Anna was born.
2003 In October , Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike is finished for the Nintendo GameCube.
2005 In July, Factor 5's next generation PS3 game with the work in progress title "Lair" is revealed at the 2005 PlayStation Meeting.